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Describe the Experiments of Prominent Psychologists in Your Psychology Research Paper

January 11, 2010; 0

There are Many Challenging Topics that You May Choose for Your Psychology Research Paper

Most psychology courses require the writing of the psychology research paper. It is a very interesting kind of research and you may find a wide scope of topics related to this field.

Here are some ideas as for your research paper; you may use the following tips:

1. Read the books about different prominent psychologists.
Find for your topic some interesting personality in the history of psychology. Devote your paper to the scientist or inventor famous in psychology. In your research paper, you may give some background information as for his personal life (bibliography). You may also write what contribution he has made to the world psychology. Explain why you think this person deserves your and the readers’ attention.

2. You may also analyze different famous experiments and findings in the history of psychology.
The research paper topic about experiments might be interesting and here you may make a lot of your own researches and draw the conclusions. You may summarize different experiments of one scientist or the group of scientists that worked in one epoch. Here you may also give your points of view as for the psychology experiment and its influence on the society. Think if the old experiments and theories may be applied into nowadays life. Reading different encyclopedias in psychology, you will see that there are many prominent and fascinating experiments through the history of psychology. For example, in your psychology research paper you may describe the following experiments:

– Learned Helplessness (1965)
– Monkey Drug Trials (1969)
– The Aversion Project (1970)
– Stanford Prison Experiment ( 1971)
– Milgram Study (1974)

3. In your research paper you may also write critics on some psychology book or journal article.
Here you may give critic analyses to your favorite book in psychology. For example, you may make analyses on Sigmund Freud’s books.

If you defined the topic for your research paper, then start to think how you will structure your paper. Make an outline. An outline is a good plan that will help you to organize your thoughts in a logical order. Include to your outline the following constituents:

– the introduction
– the main body
– the conclusion

In the introduction present the subject of your investigation. Give background information. Write what other scientists think about the given subject. Write the aims and the purpose of your investigation. State in the introduction the research question.

In the main body, dwell to the subject of your investigation. Describe it from different angles. Give your own point of view as for the main topic of your research paper. Support your information with the citations or examples taken from relevant sources. You may also provide your own examples. Thus, you will demonstrate your awareness of the topic.

In the conclusion, sum up your research paper. Answer your research question that you stated in the introduction. However sometimes, when you are short of time, you may want a qualified assistance in psychology research paper. Experienced custom writers of can help you with a variety of topics in a vast field of studies.

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